Tool Tip Tuesday!

One key marketing technique is the importance of a Live Impending Event. Whether that event is Live in Person, Live on the Phone or Live on the web having a specific start and end time can cause prospects to take action where they wouldn’t have if there was no specific date. As humans most of[…]

Track your Numbers

Why do we need to track our numbers? Tracking your numbers allows you to quantify your progress. If you don’t track your numbers you wont know if you are getting better. Let me give you an example: Let’s say you started making prospecting calls for the first time today and let’s say you made some[…]

Business Plan!?

If you are thinking this “I am starting a home business why do I need a business Plan”? then you need to pay attention now!!!!! Success in business is not accidental. If you want to be successful building your business from home then you need a game plan. One of my favorite quotes from Benjamin[…]

week ends!

It is important to tee charge. If you plan to recruit big numbers you need to be at the top of your game on every call. This requires you to balance your work and family. Typically Friday afternoon and Saturday are slow recruiting days. I recommend getting out of the office early on Friday (1-3)[…]