Business Plan!?

If you are thinking this “I am starting a home business why do I need a business Plan”? then you need to pay attention now!!!!! Success in business is not accidental. If you want to be successful building your business from home then you need a game plan. One of my favorite quotes from Benjamin[…]

week ends!

It is important to tee charge. If you plan to recruit big numbers you need to be at the top of your game on every call. This requires you to balance your work and family. Typically Friday afternoon and Saturday are slow recruiting days. I recommend getting out of the office early on Friday (1-3)[…]

Over Coming Objections

Everyone in sales has their own opinion on over coming objections. for example you have the hard core sales guys/gals that just wont take no for an answer and on the the other end of the spectrum you have those folks that just don’t like confrontation. I personally like to work in the middle. I[…]