Phone Burner VS Auto Dialer

Sorry it has been such a long time since I have posted. I wanted to take a moment today to talk about the differences between Phone Burner ( and a typical Auto Dialer. I am sure you have received at least one call in the past where you new right off the bat that the person calling you was using an auto dialer. The most common give away is the pause you hear for the first few moments when you pick up the phone. If you stay on the line until the sales person is connected you are prepared with your guard up to say “no” to what ever they have to say I am sure. It is a dead give away that you have been auto dialed and no one likes that.

As a sales professional for the past 11 years I have learned that the most import part of making calls is the first few seconds when the contact picks up the phone. If you are not live on the line for those first few seconds you have decreased your chances of success by 80%. One of the Biggest advantages an auto dialer has over Phone Burner is the ability to make 3 or more calls at once, however that advantage is quickly eliminated when 80% of your connections are wasted on contacts that have either hung up or are already prepared with their guard up to say “NO”.

Phone Burner is Different it is a Live Dialer and you are live on the line the entire time so you actually hear the contact pick up the phone and are able to speak to them right away. Also the Number of calls you make is only slightly lower than a traditional Auto Dialer. People using Phone Burner Average 60 Dials and hour and it is not uncommon to see people get through 100 dials an hour. It really just depends on the amount of time you spend with a live contact.

The best part of Phone Burner VS an Auto Dialer is the fact that Phone Burner allows you to speed up your dial process without appearing to use any automated technology which increases your odds of making a good connection with your prospect right out of the gate.

Also I have set up a YouTube channel for Phone Burner Specific Training:

I hope this helps you in some way as you are out dialing for Dollars or Smilling and Dialing

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