How Many Times Should I call?

Whenever I am doing a training call with someone or just talking to someone about their process the question about how many times they should call their leads always comes up.

I am not the kind of person that feels that you need to call them 3 times an stop nor do I feel that you have to call them at least 3 times. I really don’t feel that there is a minimum or maximum number of times you should be calling your prospects.

I believe you should call your contacts as often as necessary to either recoup your costs or until you don’t have time to call the older leads anymore.

Everyday you should spend at least 2 hours calling prospects that you have never reached before. You should start with your newest contacts first.

After Calling all your new contacts you should move onto other contacts. If you are using Prosperity Central¬†there is this cool feature called “hottest prospects” the system monitors your contacts activities like opening emails visiting the site and watching videos. These prospects are the ones that you will have t he best chance of signing up because they have actually done something.

At this point you would then start working through your most resent batch of leads and work your way backwards.

At first you will be working through a batch of leads several times a day, however as you build a contact list leads will naturally stop hearing from you unless they open an email, visit your site or watch one of your videos.

And this my friends is my method for working leads. Happy Prospecting.

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