How I recruited 131 people in 30 days.


Back in 2005, I made a push to be the number 1 recruiter in my company by personally recruiting 100 new reps in one month. After 30 days, I’d recruited a total of 131.

Over the years, I have had several people ask me how I did it, and finally decided (and found the time) to reveal my process.

So here it is – the EXACT method I used, along with a tracking sheet for holding myself accountable.

The Preparation

Before the month started, I had to analyze my past months activities so I could make sure I had enough leads to complete the objective. I had spent the previous 2 years tracking every call I made, as well as the outcome of each call using the tracking sheet that I’ll discuss in just a bit (remember numbers don’t lie).

Once I had decided how many leads I would need for the month, I made my lead purchases. I placed the order at the end of February to make sure I had hot fresh leads coming into my system starting March 1.

My Plan of Action

If you plan to recruit a lot of people, you have to be prepared to talk to a lot of people.

So I committed to doing just that.

As you can see from this screen shot from my phone provider (Vonage at the time) I made over 2500 outgoing calls during March 1st to March 30th. Keep in mind these are outgoing calls only… though there were many incoming calls as well resulting from my efforts.

Call log screen shot March 2005

  • Total calls – 2500+
  • Total phone time – 8719 minutes
  • Average dials a day – over 100 (weekdays and Sat mornings, no Sunday calls)
  • Average call duration: 3 minutes, 30 seconds

Total minutes March 2005

Back in 2005, I didn’t have anything to speed up the process. I had to make these calls the old fashioned way :).

I did have one thing that most people didn’t have, which was a system to help me manage and track my contacts. Back then the system was called Simple As ABC – it would send follow up emails to my contacts throughout the month even when I wasn’t calling or emailing them myself.

More importantly, it let me know who was opening emails, returning to my website and watching my videos. This allowed me to focus my time and energy on the hottest prospects only, ensuring the time I spent on the phone was as effective as possible. That system is no longer around, however you can get an updated version that you can customize for you and your team here

In other words, rather than calling 100 random people a day from a lead list, I was calling my 100+ best prospects every day.

Calling and Tracking

When calling my prospects I had a script that I stuck to and followed word for word. You can view the script here: Broker Script

By the time I ended the call with my contacts they fell into 3 buckets.

  1. New Rep on my team
  2. Follow up
  3. Not interested and I was done with them

Once someone joined my team I introduced them to my upline and I got them started with our team training.

There were only a few reasons why a prospect would be placed into my follow up work flow

  • No money today, but would have the money by a specific date (no specific date no follow up)
  • Had to talk to their spouse (I would never try to convince a prospect to make a decision without their spouse. This is a losing battle!)
  • I am interested but I just need to research this more (must set a specific follow up date within the next 24-48 hours)

Here is the tracking sheet I used.

track sheet

You can download it here: tracksheet

Here is the process for each section:

DIALS – Count every dial you make (even if they are not home) and determine how many calls it takes to get you to a presentation

  • If your dial numbers are low you either 1) need to acquire more prospects by revising your methods or trying new methods of acquiring prospects 2) have enough prospects but “phone fear” is keeping your numbers down. Practice your script and call your sponsor to practice.
  • If you get a voicemail … if you get the option to PAGE them, do that. Otherwise just hang up, and call your next lead.
  • Keep track of each call to each prospect. After your 3rd hangup to a prospects leave a short and exciting voicemail message.

SCRIPTS/INVITES – These are completed scripts/presentations with one of the following outcomes (a) you SIGN them up, or (b) you SET your next appointment (day/time).

  • How many people did you Invite to the Live Business Overview? You can only count Invites that are actually committed to go to the Live Call

FOLLOWUPS – calling someone back that you already did the broker script with or they listened to the live call.

  • Underline the number – if there is no answer or you hang up on their voicemail
  • Circle the number – if you leave a voicemail
  • X the number – if you talk to them
  • Blacken the number – if you sign them up or set the next appointment

3RD PARTY VALIDATIONS – allow your prospect to hear from someone else that your business is real and it is great.

  • ALL NEW IBO’s – after your script presentation — 3way your prospect with your sponsor for 5-7 minutes of edification.
  • EXPERIENCED BROKERS – will do most of their 3rd party verifications with a 3way to recorded call, take prospect to videos online, or Verify a prospect watched the DVD. They also take their BEST prospects to a live 3way call verification with their sponsor.

DECISIONS – Success comes from collecting and following up on DECISIONS – any of the following are a decision

  • The prospect says, “Yes”
  • You complete the script and the prospects says, “Not Interested”
  • You complete the script and the prospects says, “I need to research more.” If you set the next appointment – this is a decision.
  • If the prospect must get approval from a spouse, as long as you set the next appointment – this is a decision.
  • If the prospect must wait until payday to start, as long as you set the next appointment this is a decision.
  • Answer this at the end of each call: “The decision my prospect made is

I spent 30 days speaking to the hottest prospects available, with the goal of moving prospects through this sales funnel. When all was said and done by 5 pm CT on March 30th I had 131 new reps join my business.

Now you know the truth. A simple, yet structured and accountable plan that I stuck with!

We are roughly 1 week away from the Fall Harvest for 2015! What will you achieve during this amazing recruiting season?


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