Change!? Why are you messing with me!!!

I am going to rant a bit even though I am guilty for doing this some times. As you have noticed from the past couple of posts that some of the systems I use and promote are being updated. These updates are bringing some amazing new functionality and the ability to add new features more easily in the future, however I have talked to a bunch of people that just seem to want to fight the change.

First off lets discuss change in general. change is necessary especially when dealing with sales tools. we must constantly evaluate our processes and look for improvements. With most tools (as long as they are being used) people will see things that need to be fixed as they use them. Sometimes these fixes can be done as add-ons or tweaks to the existing platform other times a major overhaul is needed.

The problem is when we get used to something being a certain way we don’t like to wake up one morning and see everything moved around. What I find funny is that some people will say stuff like “In the old system I could do this and now I can’t” when in fact the old system and the new system function the exact same way. It is strange how moving things around or even just changing the colors of a page can make us forget how something worked just from the day before.

it is important to remember that they made these changes to address other situations and requests people had asked for.

Several people have reached out to me regarding some of the recent changes to both Prosperity Central and Phone Burner and what has been interesting with many of them is that they are complaining about some behavior that is identical to the behavior before the upgrade. In these situations it gets a little frustrating when people complain about something that didn’t change just because the entire system seems different.

Remember change is good and most changes are made in an attempt to improve things, however if a system you use regularly makes a change and you find something missing it is vital to reach out to them and let them know that you are missing that feature so that if possible it can be returned.

As they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease just don’t be overly obnoxious about it otherwise you will be replaced.

I hope you got something out of this post

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