Track your Numbers

Why do we need to track our numbers?

Tracking your numbers allows you to quantify your progress. If you don’t track your numbers you wont know if you are getting better. Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you started making prospecting calls for the first time today and let’s say you made some calls and talked to some people and nobody said yes. Then tomorrow you make some more calls and talk to more people and nobody says yes. Now you go on to the next day and make more calls and talk to more people and no one says yes. And you do this for months. Could you determine were the issue is?


Now let’s run the same example only with some specifics:

Let’s say you make 100 call’s today talk to 10 people and get 5 no’s and 5 maybe’s. Then tomorrow you call 100 new people talk to 10 get 5 no’s and 5 maybe’s. Again the next day you get the same results and so on and so forth.

Now we have some data to work with and you can use this data to determine where you are failing. If you keep talking to people but don’t get yes’s then you may need to work on your close. If you are not talking to people maybe you need to increase the number of calls you make or get another lead source.

One of the reasons I love Phone Burner is that most of these vital stats are tracked for you. I have talked to several people over the years that get very discouraged when they are not tracking their numbers, but once they use Phone Burner and see the numbers laid out in front of them they can see how they are making progress.

If you don’t track your numbers it is easy to least the 95% of your calls determine how you feel about the entire session, however if you can see from your tracking that you actually had 5 good conversations and added another 5 people to your pipeline it makes it easier to get excited about where you are headed.

I could spend a lot of time on this topic and will come back to it again in the future but I want to leave you with a quote that I have carried with me since 2006

“When we deal in Generalities, We shall Never Succeed. When we deal in Specifics we shall Rarely have a failure. When specifics are recorded, Performance improves. When specifics are recorded and reported the rate of Improve is Accelerated” Thomas S Monson

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