No Time Like the Present

Wow time has gotten away from me. With Family in town and major upgrades in progress I have slacked off. No More!!! There is no time like the present to be building your business. The Summer is drawing to a close and if you know anything about the Recruiting cycles for MLM now is the time to Load up your Prosperity Central Contact manager with New Contacts, Now is the tie to be using Phone Burner to connect with as many people as you can. Now is the time to be using Meeting Burner to fine tune your Presentation. Come September the majority of Kids will be back in School and those Parents that have been out entertaining kids all summer will be looking to make more money to pay for those vacations.

Don’t let another day pass without making at least 50 Calls. Seriously if you use Phone Burner that is about an hour worth of time. You can Easily connect with 1 or 2 new qualified prospects in that time.

Do that daily and you will be adding at least 5 new high quality prospects to your Prosperity Central account each week if not 10-15. These add up. Over the next 6 weeks you could have connections with 60+ Prospects looking at your business.

take the time now to build the foundation of a major cash boom for the holidays. Don’t wait Your Christmas depends on you lol.

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