Business Plan!?

If you are thinking this “I am starting a home business why do I need a business Plan”? then you need to pay attention now!!!!!

Success in business is not accidental. If you want to be successful building your business from home then you need a game plan. One of my favorite quotes from Benjamin Franklin is:

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail”

A home based business really isn’t any different from a traditional business except you have less over head. You still need customers/clients/business partners and you need a plan to grow your business and generate revenues.

One of the great things about starting a home based business is the level of focus you can have when creating a business plan. You don’t have to worry about product development so you can focus 100% of your efforts on Marketing and Training.

Years ago when I was building my first large organization I put together a training site for my team that included a business plan development workshop. When I stopped working with that company I actually converted the business plan workshop into a stand alone site:

I put it together several years ago but the reality of what I discuss in this really hasn’t changed. I would recommend you spend some time creating a business plan so you can ensure yourself success in building your business.

Also you need to remember that just because you create a business plan today doesn’t mean you are done. You will need to review and revisit your business plan on a regular bases to make sure you are adjusting your plan based on what you are learning from the day to day activities of implementation.

Plan for success and achieve it!!!!

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