How to Make 100 Dials an Hour

If you have ever had to make a large number of calls then you understand how difficult in can be to pick up the phone and make the first call. The first call is the most important call but that doesn’t make the second third and subsequent calls any easier to make (well maybe a little but not much). I have done my share of calling over the years with some months callings for 8+ hours a day to try and connect to the right person or people to close the deals needed. This can be a very tiring process and draining process. I have been blessed over the past several years to use a tool called Phone Burner. This tool allows me to get through on average about 60 dials an hour, however I have been able to get through over 100 dial in an hour using this tool all while never appearing to use any automated technology to the contacts I am calling. My phone number always shows up as the caller ID. The system makes most of my notes for me saving tons of time on my part. for those sessions when I have email addresses for my contacts th system can send an email of my choice to my contacts based on the outcome of the call (without me having to think about it once I set it up). I can leave a prerecorded Voicemail for those times that I reach a VM rather than a live person. And the best part is I only have to pick up the phone one time and connect to the system after connecting I manage the rest of the calls right from my computer screen. This tool has made dialing more enjoyable and simple plus I get more done than I ever could dialing on my own. you should check it out for sure

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