Tool Tip Tuesday!

One key marketing technique is the importance of a Live Impending Event. Whether that event is Live in Person, Live on the Phone or Live on the web having a specific start and end time can cause prospects to take action where they wouldn’t have if there was no specific date.

As humans most of us are procrastinators so if we don’t have to do something by a specific date then something else is more important. The problem with most sales presentations is that in many cases they are available 24/7 on the web and that sometimes causes them to loss their appeal.

In most case you can get your prospects to take action quicker if they have to attend your event at a specific time. It is important not to tell them a meeting happens every Tuesday night when you invite them though.

You should always drive your prospects to the next live event as if it was the biggest and most important event/presentation. By doing this you will see More results in a shorter amount of time. Also You will know when to follow up with them (right after the end of the event/presentation).

If you have seen the benefits of promoting Live Impending Events please comment. If you have a friend that is in Sales please share this with them they will appreciate it.

If you are interested in learning how you can automate your Live Impending Events let me know so we can discuss this.

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