Tool Tip Tuesday! (for Sales Professionals)

This week we are going to talk about Contact Management. As a Sales Professional your contacts are your life blood. You make your living by connecting with the right contacts at the right time. It is critical that as a sales professional you have a good process in place to help you manage your contacts.

When I was young my dad used a system called “the file box system” some of you may know of this system and actually continue to use this system. It is a great system to help you stay on top of your contacts. For those of you who are not familiar with this system it is simple.

1-      you create a 3×5 card for each of your contacts with their contact details on it.

2-      you get a file box

3-      you get 12 dividers (one for each month)

4-      you get 31 dividers (one for each day of the month)

They key to the file box system is making sure that you file your contacts correctly after each contact you have with them. If you schedule a follow up call with Billy Bob Prospect for November you note that on your card and place the 3×5 card in the November section. Then when November rolls around you pull out all your 3×5 cards and separate them out into the different days of the month.

You do this day in and day out and month in and month out and you will build a solid pipeline.

This is a great system and has been used by millions to build a solid sales funnel. While it is a great system in this day and age of Information Technology there are much better solutions out there to help you manager your high value prospects. Make sure you are not stuck using this old method and upgrade your Contact Management to the new age. Use a System like and learn how to automate 90% of your follow up. Also Never Worry about losing a single contact record again.

If you have a large organization and would like to discuss a custom platform for your sales team let’s talk.



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