Tool Tip Tuesday (for Sales Professionals)

Toll Free Numbers are a great tool. I recommend getting and using a toll free number for two reasons.

  1. when you work a business that is not just located in your town it gives you a more professional look for the first time prospect.
  2. This is one more tool you can use to make more valued prospects feel special by given them your cell phone personally rather than the same phone number you use in all your advertising.

When looking for a system that provides a toll free number service I recommend looking for one that allows you to create a full menu tree. This will give you the ability to further sort your prospects based on the options they select when they call your number. Here is an example of a toll free number I setup in one of our system (

(888) 628-6517

When you call this number you will hear my amazing greeting I created on the fly while writing this post (seriously don’t judge lol) and you will have the option to enter three extensions.

One other important thing to look for in a toll free number is the ability to track callers by their phone number (and name if in your CRM), number called and length of call.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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